Never finished, never pretty.
The place where I keep my projects.

Deadpan Fury

I’m currently the content creator of Deadpan Fury. Deadpan Fury was originally a Bulletin Board version of talk radio that sprung up around the end of the 20th century from opinionated asses who had originally frequented an old school online community called Athanon. The original DPF site crashed years ago, and it’s probably never coming back;but you can check out the rubble here.  In its’ current incarnation, Deadpan Fury is a podcast where I try to keep myself entertained, educated, and/or irritated. You can ask Alexa to listen to the latest episode, look for it on Google play, Apple Podcasts, or check it out here. 


Inside Joke Outside Voice

What do you do after your podcast has ran for a while? You join up with other podcasts and network. The IJOV is my Mothership, and a lot of my projects spring out of conversations or discussions with the crew there. Check it out if you’re into the podcast thing, and bored of my rambling.


Mystery project


What I’m Doing


I’m currently sifting through a lot of old homebrew material for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 ,and dividing it into separate campaign worlds; one with the intent to publish as a series of OGL materials,  one to feature as an online game, and one to just toy around with theory/proof of concept. I’m going to include materials for all three on this site, but my intention is to offer frequent updates as my schedule permits


Next Steps…

My forum will be set up shortly. I intend to put the bulk of my work on there. I’ll keep a blog for the navel gazing stuff,so it’s not bombarding the rest of the site.