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I’ve finally braved the heat to record.
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on the show! That’s right, I dug deep and got Nette! Whereas I go all over the place, and you can’t shut up Hatter up; Nette keeps it kind of low key. She was around before I was in the DCU/Mobius Infinity/Athanon/Grassy Knoll/Deadpan Fury 1.0/DPF timeline. So we get to touch base after a lot of years and talk about her writing, our shared hobby, and her method.  We talk about parenting, being creative under stress, and the means you got to go through to be a Author instead of a Hobbyist.

Also, the Nyrdcast guys jump in with an intro. Check them out over at, they’re aren’t your usual dialogue.

Somewhere in all this, I’ll talk about the heat, procrastinating, and new projects like my website.

The website is live over at

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3.5 things I don’t like

Like any long time player, there are things about DnD that I do not like. Usually it ends up being the basis for a house rule,or gets ignored completely from game. Most of my issues stem from a thematic issue, and while it functions well enough as a rule, it doesn’t feel “right” in its published state. listed below are my top list of pet peeves.

1)The Alignment System. Just ugh. I’d do away with it completely if I didn’t have to turn playing a Paladin into some sort of hybrid. In my games, I tend to treat Alignments more complicated than absolute. Good people can do evil things for a good reason, evil people are sometimes responsible for a lot of good, and if it comes right down to it, can’t most people be described as chaotic neutral if we look at them quickly enough? In most settings, Good and Evil aren’t just descriptors, they are values with an immediate effect. The Cleric who can’t heal and the Paladin who can’t always spot him are sort of dead giveaways to corruption in a religion. And while I’m sure there is definate appeal to good vs evil in fantasy, the complicated characters that have to ask “what is good?” tend to be more satisfying for me.

2)Golems. Quick name the differences between a Stone Golem, Salt Golem, Rock Golem, or Sand Golem? Aside from providing people with Knowledge(Arcane) something to do ,this shit is out of control. Golems are the page wasters of any Monster Manual. You will use each variant probably once (tops) then return to whichever pet Golem you like to irritate your players with (I like Clay Golems). I’d rather see the Golem as a Templated Magic Item where materials determined things like Hit Points, and Damage Reduction and not special attacks and mostly random goofy stuff (slowspell gas!).

3) Familiars. Most of the things that bug me with Familiars are when they are treated like a class feature people would miss. For roughly 75% of my spellcaster players, it’s essentially a dead level when they get one, and start asking what sort of other perks they can trade for it. Device Familiars arent much better either.I’ve alternated with stuff like allowing them to provide some sort of ritual magic affect, to nonspellcaster abilitiy benefits and nothing makes them more attractive to players,or less ignored.

What longstanding quirk in your games drives you nuts?

The religions of Bramond, and no AC

Our AC went out a few days ago- just as we hit the first 100+ days of the summer, so the last thing I’ve wanted to do is sit in front of my computer and die. So yeah,I slowed down a bit.

The first corner I’m going to focus on in Bramond are the basic faiths of the region. The Gold Abbey, the Shaper Cults, and the various Elemental powers worshipped. While other faiths are revered and practiced, these are the norms.


Started working on Bramond, which is a major city in my Homebrew. I’ll start with things generally of interest to Adventurers like local currency, religions, the watch, and the Guilds while interjecting color. I’ll release it when the material is edited and proofed.

For now, I’ll leave you with the names of the 11 Guilds and Families that currently make up the Lords-Table that oversees the city.

House Meyer
The Trader’s League
The Page Guild
House Kidge
Three Coins
The Gold Abbey
The Storm Fleet
House Deepcrown
House Ripshadow
The Torrent
House Jang

Oh, there’s 12 of them? That is a problem…

Rust for sale

This week I will get around to cleaning up the site. Im going to stick with a template, because I’m lazy and I’d rather develop content than obsess on the layout.

I haven’t touched HTML/PHP in about a decade, and in the time it would take me to get things set up, I could just personalize this. So, there we go.

Here we go.

It’s been at least 10 years since I’ve used something besides a form of social media or an existing platform to spew out my projects or ideas.
Not that I’m leading with an excuse, just a rationale that some of this stuff is going to move, change, or go away completely.

My name is Marcus, and I currently spend a lot of time jumping into podcasts, working on spoken word material and throwing around a thousand half finished story ideas and campaign concepts for various rpgs’ that I may as well start polishing them and releasing them here.

I am going to provide a few links on the main page, this “Merch and friend” links to other projects and never mention them again. My goal is to create more than sell, and if you are inclined; the forum will be opened shortly to allow you to do the same.

early on,I’m sure I will have enough excitement and momentum to make updates relatively often; but I’m going to shoot for a twice/month release schedule for content.  I will not be doing any sort of Patreon/Donor program outside of that stuff I post in the previously mentioned merch page.  It is my belief that worrying about the money distracts from the product, and I’m really wanting to focus on the creative stuff for now.