Here we go.

It’s been at least 10 years since I’ve used something besides a form of social media or an existing platform to spew out my projects or ideas.
Not that I’m leading with an excuse, just a rationale that some of this stuff is going to move, change, or go away completely.

My name is Marcus, and I currently spend a lot of time jumping into podcasts, working on spoken word material and throwing around a thousand half finished story ideas and campaign concepts for various rpgs’ that I may as well start polishing them and releasing them here.

I am going to provide a few links on the main page, this “Merch and friend” links to other projects and never mention them again. My goal is to create more than sell, and if you are inclined; the forum will be opened shortly to allow you to do the same.

early on,I’m sure I will have enough excitement and momentum to make updates relatively often; but I’m going to shoot for a twice/month release schedule for content.  I will not be doing any sort of Patreon/Donor program outside of that stuff I post in the previously mentioned merch page.  It is my belief that worrying about the money distracts from the product, and I’m really wanting to focus on the creative stuff for now.

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