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RPG Sourcebook

Watch this space for news of completed works.


Completed fiction/nonfiction

Deadpan Fury

A few years ago, I started podcasting stream of consciousness thoughts, rants, some performance art, comedy, and pop culture stuff. As I got more comfortable with it, I started experimenting a lot with what I do, so I've skipped all that professional stuff like...practice, or scripting. It's a platform for me to be creative a little without having to worry about stuff like fame or wealth ever happening. always has the episodes posted and you can find them in other places.

The writing stuff

I haven't made any forward motion on any of my writing projects for years.I blame a lot of factors ,but it boils down to allowing myself to get distracted with other stuff.  Now that I'm weaning myself off social media a bit, I'm hoping to spend at least a few hours every week working on some long fiction.